About us

With LearnWazobia, You’re Never Too Far From Home.

We are bridging the gap between Nigerians living in diaspora and their cultural roots back home, by providing a highly engaging online culture and language learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere.

We Help You Be Proudly Nigerian; Both Home and Abroad

Our vision is to be the number one destination for Nigerians in diaspora to connect with their culture and heritage. With a commitment to protecting and promoting Nigeria, we empower parents and children in the diaspora to proudly connect with their Nigerian heritage through language and culture. We strive to create a vibrant platform where young learners not only learn to speak Nigerian languages fluently but also cultivate a deep appreciation for their rich cultural traditions. By fostering a sense of belonging and identity, we aim to inspire the next generation to embrace their roots with confidence, bridging the gap between their heritage and the world they inhabit.”

We hope to do this by providing a wide range of cultural products and language learning programs that accommodate the needs of both parents and children to preserve their identity and stay connected to their cultural roots.
We empower Nigerian parents in Diaspora to raise children who are proud of their roots and connected to their community.

Keep The Rhythm of Home Alive With Us In Your Corner

Our products and services connect you to the heartbeat of home. It doesn’t matter if you left home recently or have been away for a while, Learn Wazobia guarantees you’re one click away from experiencing your beautiful culture and enjoying it with your family.

Some of Our Offerings include:

Language Learning Programs

Our fun and highly engaging language learning lessons for children set your child on the right track to embracing vital elements of your culture.

Digital Resources

We provide evergreen easily accessible digital resources for the family to aid cultural knowledge and facilitate culture and language learning in the home.

Culture and Traditional Content

You can get on-demand family-friendly educational content about Nigerian culture, tradition and trending news on our webapp.


We are a growing global community of Nigerians who are passionate about preserving their Nigerian Identity and passing it on to their children. Our community is incomplete without you. So welcome aboard.

Let’s Learn Wazobia, Together

LearnWazobia is more than just a platform, it’s a promise.
A promise to keep the rhythm of Home alive, no matter where you are.
Let’s raise a family with children who are proudly Nigerian, globally aware, and beautifully cultural.

Let’s Learn Wazobia, Together.