Simple Commands and Greetings in Igbo Flashcards


A set of fun to use flashcards containing simple Greetings and Commands in Igbo language. It is designed to spark up conversation and improve communication with your child in your native language.



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Simple Commands and Greetings in Igbo Flashcards

Enjoy simple communication with your child at home with the aid of these easy-to-use flashcards. It contains simple Commands and everyday Greetings in Igbo language.

Clear, Attention-Grabbing Cards

This attention-grabbing flashcards set is designed to foster smooth communication with you and your child, especially if they are just learning Igbo. Each card is accompanied by a beautiful and memorable illustration. This makes this set an excellent visual learning aid for your child’s language learning adventure.

Digital and Printable format

This flashcards set comes in both digital and printable formats, adding versatility in the way you choose to use these flashcards.

You can also reprint the printable format as many times as your child needs them. With recommended bleed lines, you can easily cut these cards to the perfect size. In addition, the cut sizes make a compact set that you can travel and practice with, even on days you are away from home.

Get this Igbo Simple Commands and Greetings flashcards set to help your child learn new words and enjoy a wonderful journey of learning to speak in your language!

Product Details:

  • Set contains 30 cards
  • Digital PDF format
  • Printable A4 Paper format in a zip folder


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