Summer Language Adventure

Can Your Child Speak Their Nigerian Language And Tell Their Story?

With LearnWazobia, They Can Start Doing This in Only 3 Months.

We know your busy schedule combined with living outside your native cultural environment has made it difficult to teach your children about the language, culture, and history of your people.

Let’s take that burden off you.

Enrol your child in LearnWazobia’s Summer Language Adventure and give them the wonderful experience of connecting with their beautiful Nigerian roots through language.

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Why Does Your Child Need The Summer Language Adventure?

Now, we know that you may have planned Spanish or French classes for the summer, or other exciting activities and that’s commendable.
But just before you enrol your child for them, we’ll like you to take a minute to answer these questions:

  • Can your child communicate fluently with you in their native tongue?
  • Can they comfortably hold a conversation with grandma over the phone about their favourite Nigerian meals?
  • Can you guarantee that when they go home for the holidays, they can at least share greetings and have simple conversations?
  • Do they feel a sense of home when around other people that speak your language and celebrate your culture?

If your answers to the questions above are ‘No‘ consistently, then your child definitely needs to be a part of the Summer Language Adventure.

Welcome to LearnWazobia's Summer Language Adventure 2024! 🙂

The Summer Language Adventure is a 3-month beginner Nigerian language and culture learning program for children and young teens around the world. It features:

  • Live language classes twice a week.
  • From experienced and certified language facilitators
  • Using highly engaging and interactive learning aids
  • Enjoyed in private classes or with a small group of other learners.
  • Date: July 6 – September 21, 2024.

What Will Your Child Gain After 3 Months?

At the end of this 3-month fun language adventure, your child will: 

  • Have a solid knowledge of the basics of speaking your language
  • Be able to introduce themselves to others in your language
  • Be able to give and respond to simple greetings in your language
  • Know the basics of the history and culture surrounding your people
  • Learn simple numbers and how to count in your language
  • Know the different native food cooked and enjoyed by your people

Early Bird Access Ends Soon.

Enroll NOW and get 10% OFF Registration with coupon code "SLAEarly"

But Wait... There's More 🙂 🙂

As an enrolled participant, your child will also have a 100% FREE Access to LearnWazobia’s self-practice language courses on the platform. In addition to prerecorded videos that your child can refer to, these courses also have exciting learning aids like flashcards and quizzes to keep your child engaged when they are not having live lessons.

These courses and learning aids on their own are worth over $100, but your child will be getting them for FREE as long as they are enrolled in the Summer Language Adventure.

Group Classes or Private Classes?

Group Classes:

  • For learners between 6 and 11 years old
  • Fun, interactive learning
  • Limited class size 
  • Age-appropriate class activities
  • Group practice sessions
  • Access to all digital resources worth over $100

Private Classes:

  • For children and teen learners
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Access to all digital resources worth over $100
  • As many classes as you need

Why Should You Choose Us?

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